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House Hacking

We help you plan, strategize, and calculate your ideal house hack situation. We don't just find deals, we MAKE them!

Live-in Flips

We help you take advantage of the deals, tax benefits, and owner-occupied financing that this great niche has to offer.

Traditional Flips

We help you find the off-market deals, seller motivation, and creative deals necessary to execute succesful flips in this competitive market.

Selling On Top

We use our experience and knowledge in the invest to get your house ready for today's buyer preferences and create a frenzy at the top of the market.

Our Network

We network our butts off so that you can have access to quality, investor-friendly work, lending, deals, and more.


By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail." You don't need to be ready to buy to work with Embark! We are here to help you set goals and create action steps to get there.

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